About Me

Welcome to my educational freeware pages! My name is Marianne Wartoft and I live in Uppsala, Sweden. Since 1995, I have developed several educational programs that I originally marketed as shareware. In order to be able to spend more time on my consulting business, and also to let more people use my software, I finally released all my software as freeware.

My most popular freeware titles are Seterra, a geography tutor, and Sebran, which teaches kids to read, count and write. My newest piece of software is Minisebran with doodle exercises and more for very young kids. I have also created a flashcard website for learning Chinese, www.semanda.com.

About 2000 copies of my software are downloaded from my site every day, Seterra and Sebran being the two most popular downloads. A long time ago, in 1997, my language tutor Selingua recieved the Ziff-Davis Shareware Award.

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Most of my software is multilingual. Sebran has been translated into more than 30 different languages, including Afrikaans, Breton, Croatian, Catalan, Dutch, Estonian, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Samoan, Spanish, Swedish, Romanian, Polish, Turkish and French.
When I'm not developing freeware, I work as a freelance consultant. I develop database systems using Microsoft Access and SQL Server, and database driven websites using ASP and ASP.NET.

I am also the webmaster of a number of websites: Educational Freeware, Semanda, String Functions and Zeedice.