About Me

Marianne Wartoft

Hi! My name is Marianne Wartoft and I live in Uppsala, Sweden. I am the founder of the map quiz game Seterra. Seterra is available as an app for Android and iPhone, and also online, in 31 different languages: http://online.seterra.com

The Seterra app

Apart from working on developing Seterra, I work as a freelance database programmer, working with SQL Server, Microsoft Access and ASP.NET.

Other projects

- I teach Scratch programming for kids in Adas kodskola.

- I am active in CoderDojo Uppsala.

- I like to photograph doors and work in Photoshop: Doors of Uppsala

- I wrote several shareware and freeware titles in 1995-2002. Many of them are still being downloaded! You can find them here: My old educational software

-A couple of old sites I built and maintained during the years 2004-2014 (approximately): Educational Freeware and Semanda.com.

My office is located at Salagatan 18A, Uppsala.